Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipsticks and Shimmering Cream Eye Colors for Spring 2015

Shiseido Spring 2015 Veiled Rouge and Shimmering Cream Eye ColorThis spring, Shiseido introduces a brand new lipstick range and four additional cream eyeshadows to their makeup family.

Shiseido Spring 2015 Veiled Rouge

Formulated with ‘veiling pearl’, the Shiseido Veiled Rouge lip colours promise a ‘soft and delicate shine as though wrapped in a veil’. A trans-red material ensures that colour stays true in any light environment, while a moisturising complex keeps lips hydrated.

This new range replaces Shiseido Shimmering Rouge, which is already pretty shiny and smooth; I didn’t think they could upgrade the formula but that they did!

Here are single-layer swatches and the official descriptions of the colours.

Shiseido Spring 2015 Veiled Rouge Swatches

From top to bottom:

  • Mischief RD707 is a rich coppery red with a discreet shimmer.
  • Sloe RS308 is a vibrant berry pink, simply chic.
  • Gossamer RD309 is a fragile beige-pink, a whisper of transparent colour.
  • Luscious RS210 is a juicy pink with a ripe sweetness.
  • Beach Plum RS711 is a lush brownish berry shade, deep but sheer.
  • Slink RS312 is a mysterious subtle violet, cool and refined.
  • Carrera BE301 is a fine soft beige with the subtle sheen of marble.
  • Rosalie RD302 is a subdued rose-red.
  • Orangerie OR303 is a delicate gilded orange, translucent and fresh.
  • Skyglow PK304 is a luminous warm coral pink, a fine haze of coloured light.
  • Pomegranate PK405 is a sweet, sharp pink with a reddish glow.
  • Carnevale RD506 is a lively and dramatic blue-red, bright and festive.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in Mischief RD707 and Carnevale RD506 Lip Swatches

Glossy and a touch silkier, they differ from the previous range in that they’re less pigmented at first application. The colour does build up with subsequent layers. Above are quick lip swatches with Carnevale and Mischief.

Shiseido Spring 2015 Shimmering Eye Color in Mousseline PK224, Naiad GR125, Lavande VI226 and Fog BR727

I love the lustre and glide of the Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color range, so it’s nice to see new colours. Lightweight crèmes with a dewy finish, they are lovely on their own or as bases for powder eyeshadows.

Shiseido Spring 2015 Shimmering Eye Color Swatches

From top to bottom:

  • Lavande VI226 is a very refined bluish lavender with a veil of soft silver.
  • Fog BR727 is a wisp of silvery grey, a shady, hazy cloud.
  • Naiad GR125 is a delicate pale platinum with a faint greenish tint, light dancing on water.
  • Mousseline PK224 is a soft and airy peach-pink. A gentle, sweet glow of colour.

In contrast to last year’s deep and vibrant hues, the newcomers are lighter in tone.

In Singapore, these spring lovelies will be available from February 2015. The lipsticks will retail at S$40, while the eyeshadows are S$32. Do visit Sophia’s blog for more swatches and looks.