EOTD | Pop Beauty Eye Cake/Liner Cake in Darkness

I experimented with the colours in this palette over the last two days and love how they are beautiful as either soft or heavy smokes, depending on the base used. I wore it yesterday and used every colour but the plum. This eye lasted the entire day but there’s a caveat: the blue stains, so a base is highly recommended as a barrier between colour and skin.

I used:

I admit that blues and greens are relatively easy to work with, even as smokes. I look forward to trying more unusual combinations with this palette; the plum + the blue and the gunmetal + the moss, perhaps. The only thing lacking in this quint for a complete smokey eye is a base shade. That aside, this is a marvellous palette for versatile smokes!


  • jojoba says:

    this is one of my favourite combination of colours!!! i saw this palette on sale online and i was debating to get it or just Kat Von D’s. Then I skipped it and now I am having a second thought!

    stunning eye!

  • makeupmag says:

    Thanks, Jojoba! :)

    The palette surprised me with its wearability and mix of colours. They aren’t all smooth when swatched but they certainly wear well and make great smokes. :)

  • plue says:

    Mag, thanks a bunch! this looks lovely!!!!

    i shall get it when i see it on my seller’s spree! ^_^


  • makeupmag says:

    You're welcome, Plue. Let me know how it works for you when you get it! ;)

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