Etude House Singapore Price List

Here are the prices of some of the many products available at Etude House Plaza Singapura. Do feel free to add to the list!

BB Cream

  • BB Magic Balm SPF 30/PA+++ S$39.90
  • BB Magic Cream SPF 30/PA++ S$35.90
  • BB Magic Cream Moist (Moisturizing) S$27.90
  • BB Magic Cream Pure (Refreshing) S$30.90
  • BB Magic Fresh Cool Mousse SPF 30/PA++ S$31.90
  • BB Magic Pact (No. 1 Light Beige/No. 2 Natural Beige) S$34.90
  • BB Magic Mist S$19.90
  • Precious Mineral BB Compact S$38.90
  • Precious Mineral BB Cream (No. 1 Sheer Silky Skin/No. 2 Sheer Glowing Skin) S$39.90


  • Easy Brow Pencil S$6.90
  • Eye Brow Kit S$21.90
  • Drawing Eyebrow S$7.90
  • Perfect Brow Kit S$23.90


  • Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo S$19.90
  • Lovely Cookie Blusher (No. 1 Pink/No. 2 Rose/No. 3 Orange/No. 4 Sugar Pink/No. 5 Lovely Pink) S$15.90
  • Orgel Light Blusher (No. 1 Pink/No. 3 Highlight/No. 4 Rose) S$37.90
  • Peach Beam Blusher (No. 1 Pink/No. 2 Berry/No. 3 Peach) S$23.90
  • Peach Cheek Blusher (No. 1 Shy Pink/No. 2 Smile Pink/No. 3 Happy Pink/No. 4 Smile Peach/No. 5 Happy Peach) S$21.90


  • 66 Big Eye Line Charm S$9.90
  • Cute and Sexy Eyes S$24.90
  • Dual Change Eyeliner S$22.90
  • Eye Glow Pencil S$10.90
  • Eye Secret S$11.90
  • Oh M’Eye Line S$10.90
  • Orgel Light Base S$14.90
  • Orgel Light Eyes S$21.90
  • Petit Darling Eyes S$7.90
  • Styling Eyeliner S$6.90
  • Tear Drop Liner S$15.90
  • Tear Drop Powder S$14.90
  • VIP Girl Eye Secret S$13.90


  • Baby Skin Base (No. 1 Mint/No. 2 Apricot) S$15.90
  • Baby Skin Veiling Pact S$22.90
  • Dream On Base (No. 20 Pink Dream/ No. 40 Purple Dream/No. 60 Mint Dream) S$29.90
  • Dream On Foundation (No. 1 Light Beige/No. 2 Natural Beige) S$29.90
  • Dream On Pact (No. 1 Light Beige/No. 2 Natural Beige) S$31.90
  • Dream on Powder (No. 1 Clear Beige) S$29.90
  • Face Designing Brightener S$29.90
  • Peach Skin Pact S$34.90
  • Pore Erasing Peach Base (No. 1 Peach/No. 2 Mint) S$29.90
  • Pore Smoothing Peach Base (No. 1 Peach/No. 2 Mint) S$26.90
  • Precious Mineral Brightener S$44.90
  • Precious Mineral Make Up Essence S$42.90
  • Secret Beam Highlighter (No. 1 Pink Mix/No. 2 Orange Mix) S$23.90
  • Secret Beam Powder Pact (No. 1 Light Beige/No. 2 Natural Beige) S$29.90
  • Speedy Total Mineral Base SPF 41/PA++ (No.1 Light Beige/No. 2 Natural Beige) S$29.90


  • 66 Big Eye Vitcara S$22.90
  • Black x Black Mascara S$22.90
  • Dr Mascara Fixer S$15.90
  • Lash Designing Vitcara S$25.90
  • Oh M’Eye Lash Maxi Volume S$10.90
  • Oh M’Eye Lash Topcoat S$10.90
  • My Lash Serum S$11.90


  • 55 Kissful Tint Chou S$13.90
  • Cover Me Nude Lip Concealer S$11.90
  • Dear Darling Gloss S$14.90
  • Dear Darling Glossy Lips S$18.90
  • Dear Darling Lips S$18.90
  • Dear Darling Tint S$10.90
  • Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips S$21.90
  • Dear Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner S$5.90
  • Fitness Lip Care S$10.90
  • Fresh Cherry Tint (No. 1 Red/No. 2 Pink/No. 3 Peach) S$15.90
  • Juicy Pop Tube S$6.90
  • Lip & Eye Remover S$10.90
  • Magic Tint Balm S$10.90
  • Milk Screw S$9.90
  • Peach Water Gloss S$14.90
  • Petit Darling Lips S$14.90
  • Tint Gloss S$15.90
  • Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper S$15.90


  • Quick Dry Nails S$7.90
  • Nail Polish S$2.50


  • Dual Fibre Cheek Brush Glow S$21.90
  • Foundation Brush S$23.90


  • plue says:

    EH! Fresh Cherry Tint got 3 colours? Malaysia only got 2! No wonder I find it so weird… I saw them labeling it as Shade 1 and 3, but no 2 :( I want the Pink too!

    I don't see the nude lip concealer here either. :(

  • jojoba says:

    do you only have 2 brushes or it just you haven't checked those out?

    i can see that you are paying slightly higher than what we pay here. i don't understand why is Etude doing this in different countries? apparently it costs a bomb to shop in the Etude in Thailand. i will not complain though as we get its products really cheap.

    this is an extra useful post. i hope your singaporean readers add on the list for you.

  • makeupmag says:


    There are some items that aren't here too. I was hoping to try the dual pencil concealer but didn't see it at all. I may have to look harder. :P

  • makeupmag says:

    I'm just grateful the prices aren't sky-high as in BKK, Jojoba! :) We have many brushes but I didn't manage to get their prices; the store was thronging with people!

  • leeweilin says:

    hi dear, thanks for this informative list! :) just wanted to tell you that i posted a link to this post on my livejournal etude house spree. thanks again for compiling this! :D

  • makeupmag says:

    You're welcome, Leeweilin! :)

  • EL says:

    Hi~ You mean buying Etude in Thailand is more expensive than SG?

  • syehra says:

    Does Etude House in Singapore have any cream/gel eyeliner?If have,how much does it cost?

  • Sarah says:

    Hey. I was just wondering if Etude House’s products cater towards darker skin tones as well? I’m half Chinese half Indian, so my skin colour’s pretty dark.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Sarah,

      What exotic colouring you must have. I have a few Chinese-Indian friends and they’re all gorgeous. :) I don’t recall seeing darker tones in foundation. You should be able to find suitable colours in the eye, lip and cheek ranges though.

  • Snow says:

    Hey ! Any idea if there is the Moistfull Collagen Balm SPF36 on sale in Singapore’s Etude House ? :/ I like it alot.

  • XinZi says:

    Just bought the Precious Mineral BB cream from Taipei. It costs only NT$600 which converts back to about S$28 like that. Etude’s prices over there is generally cheaper. Hmm. I wonder why.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi XinZi,

      That’s a good price. I’m not sure about Korean beauty products in Taiwan but Japanese ones are definitely cheaper there (some are cheaper than in Japan itself!).

  • wayda says:

    hi dear..can u help me…i wanna know the price list of etude cosmetics in malaysia… ;)

  • Joanne says:

    I’m also very surprised at the high prices at Etude House in Singapore. Still, their products are very good and addictive, so I always make sure I spend at least over $30 to get some freebies:)
    But recently I’ve been ordering straight from Korea. Too expensive here to sustain my love=X

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Joanne,

      The freebies can be quite generous and a palliative for the higher prices we pay. ;) Enjoy your Etude House goodies!

  • Mike says:

    actually i scare to ask but…can guys use tis products???
    sometime i walk pass the shop i feel quite nervous to enter…
    its a pink shop(whch is 1 of my favourite color) n a boy enter, its like odd

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Mike!

      Lee Min Ho (the lead in Boys over Flowers) is a spokesperson for this brand, so you’re in good company! I’m not sure if the men’s line is in already locally but there are still many things you can try (skincare AND makeup). Nothing wrong with a boy caring about his face! :)

  • Mao says:

    i’m interested in pre erasing peach base no.1 peach color

    do you ship to US?

  • mao says:

    i wanted that base so much
    anyways thanx~

  • Christine says:

    Do you know where i can order these from?
    •Pore Erasing Peach Base (No. 1 Peach/No. 2 Mint) S$29.90

  • vivian says:

    Does Etude house in Singapore have the O2 toner n lotion ? If have, pls send me the price also.. tnks…

  • jones says:

    Etude House is at least 50% cheaper in Korea! Also, check out the price on – it is still 20% cheaper than the price in Singapore. I don’t know why these cheap Korean brand are so expensive in southeast Asia! ridiculous!

  • BB says:

    Is Etude product good ? I noticed quite a number of youngsters using this.. what are their best products to use ?

  • sh3nhe says:

    so compare wif indonesia, singapore and malaysia..which one cheaper actually?? lol ><

  • stella says:

    Hello sist, if i buy in many quantities. May i have any discount from the pricelist? im in Jakarta.


  • jasmine says:

    do you have Dear My prices ?

  • Monika says:

    Hi I’m from Cambodia. I wonder if all Étude House branches all around da world are under only one owner (company’ branch) or each are private? And if they belong to private person, how can I contact to the main company to purchase products to my new open Étude store in my country if I want to open? Thz in advance for ur kind.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Monika,

      I’m sorry, I don’t know. Perhaps you’d like to check the main website (there’s an English option).

  • Sharon says:

    Hi, my frd bout me 2pcs of Etude house powder.
    But the colour was wrong. And I have not even touch it.
    Bring to ur Tampine One store and ur staff told me tat I cannot change.
    And if I want to change, I need to produce receipt.
    But its a gift from a frd, hw can I hv receipt?
    Hw can u expect me to use a powder wich is not my color?
    Please resolve my pblm.. thks

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I’m afraid I’m not related to the brand and cannot help you here. I hope you find a satisfactory resolution, nonetheless.

  • Charlene says:

    Hi^^ I was wondering. .. What’s the price of the latest SHINee Minime Be my princess perfume mist at any of the Singapore branches because I couldn’t find the price online at all… Thanks:)

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