A Little About My Little Daiso Haul

Daiso is a veritable treasure trove of beauty delights and I wasn’t disappointed during my recent trip there.

Daiso Maize Bunny Pouch

My penchant for makeup pouches is evident in my posts, so you’d probably understand why I couldn’t leave the store without one…or two, in this case. :P While the ice cream pouch was a purchase to complement another, I couldn’t resist the flat Maize Bunny case because of its useful shape and adorable print.

Daiso Black Cotton Tips and Powder Puff

Black is in this season and this chic shade colours beauty accessories as well. The black cotton tips not only look snazzy, they also have grooves that help rectify makeup mistakes and aid precision in makeup application.

I haven’t used the black powder puff yet but I think it’s a nice change from the usual tamer-looking white and beige velour puffs.

Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Foam

‘炭’ (tàn in han yu pin yin) is the Chinese and Japanese character for charcoal, an ingredient that is believed to be anti-bacterial and apparently has the ability to eliminate impurities.

This gentle cleansing foam may contain charcoal but it smells good and isn’t abrasive. I’ve purchased this made-in-Korea face product several times as it is a good daily cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean but never stripped of moisture.

Daiso Facial Cleansing Pad

The rubber cleansing pad surprised me with its performance. I bought it on a whim after fingering the sample pad on the top right corner of the packaging. I didn’t expect a lot from it but to my joy, the silicone protrusions feel comfortable on the skin and the pad pairs wonderfully with the charcoal facial foam to make my skin soft and clean. If you’re looking for a gentle manual exfoliating tool, this would be something to try.

Daiso Facial Cleansing Pad Instructions

All in all, a satisfying haul. I leave you with an interesting piece of Japlish that I found at the back of the cleansing pad packaging. Although the instructions made me laugh with their quaint phrasing, I like how polite they are! ;)


  • Marcia says:

    Shopping in Singapore looks like it’s so much fun. Lots of adorable treasures to be found.

  • Pink Ink says:

    Hi Mag! So the black Q-tips are not only chic but ‘groove-y’ (excuse my pun)! Looks interesting, I’ll give them a whirl when I run out of my boring Muji ones.

    The cleansing pad sounds good. I’ve seen them in Daiso so often but have never plucked up the courage to try them. They looked a bit like instruments of torture.

    Oh yes, I’ll like to thank you for the compliments. *blushes*

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Pink Ink,

      You’re welcome! ;) Yes, the black cotton swabs are quite fun to use, not to mention practical, if you use them for removing ear wax. :P I like how firmly the cotton is wound around the sticks. Try the cleansing pad! It doesn’t hurt at all. :)

  • Audrey says:

    daiso also has a really awesome peel off charcoal mask from the same range! nothing works on tough blackheads like this one! =D

  • Ashley says:

    I love Daiso too, you usually leave with a lot more things then you need. I like that I can return those I bought on impulse but usually find that I buy more.

    Do you remember the cosmetic sponge cleanser that you reviewed? Can I use it on my brushes.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ashley!

      I love shopping at Daiso. :D And yes, you can use the cleanser on brushes but sparingly on the non-synthetic ones. I love it on my synthetic ones – the foundations and creams come out so easily!

  • Nano says:

    Hi, which daiso did u get ur bunny pouch from? It’s ultra cute! But I can’t find it at ps nor vivo :(

  • Nano says:

    Omg I jus realized this daiso review of yours was A YEAR BACK! Tat explains y I can’t find it :( but I jus tried d charcoal cleanser n scrub pad. They r awesome! Tks!

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