Sana Uruoitashi Hiaruronsan Moisture Mist

When I first tweeted about this product with an accompanying pic, a few people said it was cute but wondered what it was. Well, it’s a facial mist! Like them, I thought it was adorable…which explains why I couldn’t resist purchasing it.

Its handy size (50 ml) is great for my everyday bag too and the S$18.90 tag wasn’t frightful. The clincher? It was 20% off at Sasa. ;)

I really like the shiny plastic label that is wrapped around the bottle. It hugs the bottle securely and its edges are almost seamless – it doesn’t look like it will come off easily. I appreciate how well it is made, especially because this is a liquid product.

My only packaging gripe with it is its cover which tends to fall off and get lost in my bag. To be fair, I do have many things in my carry-all, so all that knocking about doesn’t do the bottle any favours. :P

According to the information sticker, the little lady on the packaging is based on a Matryoshka doll (kawaii!). I thought at first that the reference to these Russian dolls was an allusion to the replenishing nature of the contents (the mist claims to have three kinds of hyaluronic acid). I’m probably wrong though. :P

Sadly, one of the ingredients is a comedogenic one (ethylhexyl palmitate, a fatty acid). Although it appears somewhat farther down the list, I wouldn’t advise you to try this if you’re acne-prone.

The mist imparts a fine, controlled spritz that refreshes my face without making it feel sticky (This is unlike Za Blemish Shoot Skin Conditioning Mist – although this Za product has good ingredients, it only works for me as a prepping product, not a freshening one). The Sana spray is so light and comfortable on my skin that I can use it several times in the course of a humid day and not feel like it is caking up my makeup, despite me having combination/oily skin.

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