Neutrogena Wave Duo

When I learnt that Neutrogena had come up with an upgraded version of its power cleanser, I was quite curious about it, having used and liked its predecessor. My hubs had bought me the original to try a year ago and I enjoyed the tingly foam of the softly-textured pads (I believe there’s menthol in it), as well as the comforting whirl and feel of the machine.

To my pleasant surprise, Neutrogena Singapore recently sent me a kit to try. Priced reasonably at S$26.10, the set includes a Duracell battery, as well as fourteen foaming pads.

This little machine promises to give users more facial cleansing control. Unlike the original, this new version has two speeds: The first speed delivers a gentle vibration for daily cleansing, while the second speed – with a second press of the button – gives stronger vibrations for deeper pore cleansing.

I haven’t tried the Wave Duo but I will soon; it would be interesting to compare the two. The original was a nice product to use. However, while I liked the scent of the pads and how well they cleaned, I wasn’t fond of replacing the pads (troublesome!). I was too lazy to find a container for the pads too, so I disliked fiddling with the package of pads (no fault of the product but again, troublesome).

I also had a little fear of using the device while showering because of its electronic machinery. That said, it was soaked through by accident once – it fell into some water and stayed there for quite a while – but my techie hubby managed to save it by drying it out and fiddling with it. I was impressed by the machine’s hardiness, to say the least! (And by my hubs knowing what to do! ;))

If you’d like to try this for less, answer a few simple questions on the Neutrogena Singapore website to receive a S$4 discount off the regular retail price, from now until the end of September 2010. I’d love to hear about your experience with this cleansing gadget!

Image source: Neutrogena Singapore


  • KarenTeo says:

    I tried this tonight. I don’t have the 1st generation so I can’t make a comparison. My face didn’t feel cleansed…I thought it will foam up more (unless i’m using it wrong?)

    Anyway I had a bad experience at watsons (with watsons) when I bought this, so whenever I use it, it reminds me of the bad experience LOL

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Karen,

      I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at Watsons. What happened?

      It doesn’t foam up a lot, actually. However, you could try adding a little more water.

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