MAC Peacocky Haul

Determined to pare down my stash this year and practise some form of makeup austerity, I told myself I’d refrain from any MAC Peacocky purchases. Such an ambitious resolution is bound for failure, as you might suspect. In the words of Javen, my MAC MA at Tangs Orchard: “Oh, please!” (with a fair bit of eye-rolling). :P

Indeed, makeup revel will not be eclipsed by phliffy resolutions, so I emerged from the counter with five Mega Metal Eye Shadows and three Kissable Lipcolours.

I purchased:

  • Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Dandizette – A greyed blue that makes an easy-peasy smokey eye.
  • Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Ego – This forest green is the powder version of MAC Metal-X Cream Shadow in 6th Sin which I use often.
  • Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Noir Plum – A velvety cool-toned purple that I’ve been wanting for a long time (it swatches so much better than MAC Eye Shadow in Parfait Amour, another blued purple).
  • Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Peek at You – This reminds me of MAC Quicktone Tan, only cooler in tone. I foresee myself hitting pan on this.
  • Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Unflappable – A pewter I cannot resist!

As a whole, this new MAC formula swatches very well – there is a smoothness which translates into colour blendability. These shadows also lay down colour evenly and layer over other shadows easily.

  • Kissable Lipcolour in Peacocky – A gorgeous opaque blue that will instantly cool/neutralise warmer tones, while the red pearl adds interest to the hue. I’m planning to keep this in my kit but I might just get another one for my personal use.
  • Kissable Lipcolour in Flaunting It – A greyed mauve that suits me perfectly!
  • Kissable Lipcolour in Woo Me – A pinky nude that will be versatile with many eye looks.

These pigmented lip hues deliver colour in an instant and seem to strike a happy balance between the creaminess of a lipstick and the reflective finish of a lipgloss. I love their shine and rich tones.


  • chocfull says:

    Oh Mag, Great haul! Those cols you got are realy pretty. I got myself a couple of es too but none in the peacocky shades. I love the formula of the LipColor. :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Farah,

      I’m very pleased with this haul. The colours work so well on the lids and the glosses are very pigmented. :)

  • milktea says:

    Much better than the Wonder Woman collection, ya??!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Milktea,

      I believe so but I shan’t speak too soon – I might cave to an item or more in the Wonder Woman collection. :P

  • Rashidah says:

    Wow … Luv all the colours esp unflappable. Got 1 for myself. Its awesome. I missed oout on yhe blue ones …

  • ok. seriously i have to say that the kissable Lipcolor is fantastic!!!! I LOVE THEM A LOTZ

  • Kas says:

    Everytime I pass by MAC, I swatch Noir Plum and Ego … and then quickly walk away! I bought Prance eyeshadow in the end, you know … and the red Kissable also – I really like the formula of the Kissable lip colours so I decided to get the bright screaming red (Strut Your Stuff) as well! Goshhhh … I’m so extravagant!

  • Louisa says:

    can u upload a pic of you wearing the peacocky kissable lipcolour? I’ve always wondered how someone dares to carry such a colour off in Singapore and if it truly flatters our skintone!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Louisa,

      Peacocky is not sheer enough to be worn on its own; I’d mix it with other colours. For instance, I’d use it to cool a warm lipstick or to add interest/more opacity to a simple pink. Sheer blues are gorgeous on their own, though. They usually look light purply-pink or cool-toned nude on me.

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