A Gift from Mandom Singapore

Earlier this year, I received a surprise package from Mandom Singapore. A box containing beauty treats from Dolly Wink, Heroine Make, Lucido-L and Mandom Cleansing Express, I was thrilled by this unexpected gift.

Although they’re cute and come in a multitude of hues, I never took much interest in Dolly Wink Nail Colours…until Iris proved to me how fast-drying and lasting they are! I’m glad to now have a chance to try these petite polishes. :)

This Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara + Mascara Remover 5th Anniversary duo pack is much-welcomed – I really like the mascara! Budge-proof and easy to apply, it has since become one of my favourite lash products.

A translucent pressed powder, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear has surprising coverage. The fine powder goes on well but it makes my face look a tad too fair (a little adjustment with buffing and foundation matching will probably correct this). It doesn’t have good oil-control properties, unfortunately but blotting with Gatsby Oil Clear Sheets seems to give my face a nice, dewy appearance along the course of the day.

I haven’t tried it yet but seeing Lucidol-L Designing Milk Hair Milk Nuance Hold in my box made me appreciate Mandom’s thoughtfulness in sending me something I can use for my hair type/style (a curling product wouldn’t have been useful for my personal use :P).

Finally, I was happy to find these Mandom Cleansing Express products in the parcel – I’ve only tried Cleansing Express Moist and the cleansing sheets in the Bright Up formula, so I’m eager to try these versions. What a wonderful start to the new year! :)


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