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The quest for the perfect makeup pouch can lead to interesting beauty developments. In the early 1980s, Seiichiro Hangui, the founder and resident designer of niche brand Artisan & Artist, sought to create the ideal accessories for makeup storage. His designs so impressed Barneys New York that they commissioned him to design a customised series of pouches. In 1996, the company introduced professional makeup tools. Meticulously hand-crafted by Japanese artisans, these brushes are made of top-grade maple wood and natural animal hair.

Before long, major cosmetics and fashion labels such as Armani, Christian Dior, L’Oréal, Paul & Joe and Yves Saint Laurent began requesting for customised designs for their brands – a sure sign that Artisan & Artist had arrived in the beauty world. Today, the brand also produces handbags, wallets and mobile phone cases, as well as luxury camera bags and straps that are popular with photography enthusiasts.

Brought in by Schmidt, a Hong Kong-based company, the brand is available at the Schmidt store on the 5th level of Ngee Ann City. A corner of the store is devoted to Artisan & Artist, showcasing the mega pouches and cases that have come to characterise the brand.

The brushes and select makeup brush cases are stored in a glass display. I was able to feel the brush bristles and enjoyed their silky touch. I was told that the entire range had been brought in but I’m sceptical about this as I’m sure the range is bigger. The Christmas 2011 collection seems to be in, though – I saw the brush cases with the bikini detailing that are part of this collection. ;)

Here are the prices of the brushes at Schmidt, thanks to Joey who sent them to me:

  • SGP-10 Liquid Brush – S$60
  • SGP-21 Liquid Brush – S$110
  • SGP-01 Face Powder Brush – S$100
  • SGP-03 Shading Brush – S$100
  • SGP-11 Cheek Brush – S$120
  • SGP-04 Cheek & Highlighting Brush – S$100
  • SGP-12 Highlight Brush – S$110
  • SGP-15 Concealer Brush M – S$50
  • SGP-05 Eyeshadow Brush – S$60
  • SGP-13 Eyeshadow Brush – S$60
  • SGP-14 Eyeshadow Brush – S$60
  • SGP-06 Point Colour Brush – S$50
  • SGP-07 Lash Line Brush – S$50
  • SGP-23 Line & Point Colour Brush – S$50
  • SGP-08 Eyebrow Brush – S$50

SGP stands for ‘Short Grip Brush for Professionals’.

Travellers will be happy to note that Artist & Artisan is also available at the Perfumes & Cosmetics store run by Nuance-Watson at Changi Airport Terminal 2, after immigration.

Here are the travel retail prices of the brushes:

  • Artisan & Artist Powder & Cheek Brush (100% goat hair) – S$90
  • Artisan & Artist Eye Shadow Brush (100% weasel) – S$41
  • Artisan & Artist Lash Line Brush (100% weasel) – S$41
  • Artisan & Artist Eyebrow Brush (100% water badger) – S$39
  • Artisan & Artist Liquid Foundation Brush (100% goat wool) – S$48.50
  • Artisan & Artist Cheek Brush (100% goat hair) – S$103
  • Artisan & Artist Pouches – S$70 to S$90

Given the popularity of this cult brand, makeup artists and beauty aficionados here will surely be thrilled by this piece of news!

Image source: Artisan & Artist*


  • Jenny says:

    So this was what my friend who recently came to singapore told me! Whew! they’re lovely!

    What did you get for yourself? :)


    • Hello! I and my wife was also big fan and user of Artisan and artist camera bags and straps since I was in UK, but not anymore now and I’m fully disappointed with this brand.
      Last month,I bought some camera cord made with silks from 1 of the local agent of artisan & artist, when I used it the feeling on my neck was so terrible,so ichyy and I started to have allergy on my neck since then.Which was totally different from those I bought 3 years ago,they were nice and fantastic at that time.

      Moreover,I’m totally disappointed with the artisan artist since we discovered some untold scandal and story about the manufacturing of this brand.
      2 weeks ago, my Japanese friend found some online articles posted on the Yahoo Japan by local users of Artisan artist, it says that company of Artisan and artist cheats local users by selling their bags and straps imported from China in the name of “made in Japan”.
      According to information given by a former employee who was a production controller of Artisan Artist, since the company of Artisan and artist was bought by a China company named : “Schmidt marketing Asia Co.,Ltd” 3 years ago,they started importing bags and scamera cords and brushes from a Mainland China manufacturers. And after those bags and straps arrive at Japan from China, they add the same country of origin label of “made in Japan” and sell in local market and export to outside of Japan,in order to cut down production cost and make higher profit. So, including these brushes, they are not Made in Hiroshima anymore.

      However, they didn’t announce this to public and keep selling those products as “made in Japan” with same prices but lower quality. Obviously this dishonest cheapest behaviour, is a kind of commercial criminal activity.

      The following URLs we found in Yahoo Japan posted by local Japanese buyers with details of this dishonest business behaviour:

      To be honest, I don’t want to believe this is the true, but if it is, i need to disclose this issue to the public through whatever kind of method.

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I haven’t bought anything from A & A yet. I’m hoping to explore the brand properly soon! :)

  • Jennifer says:

    Where do I purchase Artisan & Artist makeup brushes at ?! I am dying for the brush set !!!!
    Thank You!

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