Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited 2012

Colors are like personalities, they are infinite. – Mr Shu Uemura

This year, Shu Uemura re-introduces its extensive lipstick line, Rouge Unlimited.

These lipsticks have been reformulated with a new double hybrid pigment technology (the brand’s original signature hybrid pigment + a new crystal core hybrid pigment) for excellent colour pay-off with purity of colour and transparency. The last is a funny way to describe a richly-pigmented lipstick but I assume the brand really means clarity of colour. (How many ‘colours’ have you counted in this paragraph?!)

Containing jojoba seed oil, shea butter, ceramides and a moisture-lock cream (a ‘vegetal origin paste’ that keep the active ingredients close to the lips), they also promise to provide moisture care, simultaneously protecting and treating the lips. In addition, they have licorice root in their formula to soothe the lips, as well as the L’Oréal-patented Pro-Xylane™ to enhance smoothness and maintain moisture.

Comprising 50 shades in an array of colours, 48 of these ‘high-fidelity’ lipsticks have happily made their way here. (The 2 that’ve been left out are BR 791, a brown and OR560, an orange.)

The range is mind-boggling but you can start with a few crowd-pleasers. ;)

Here are swatches of some of them (I didn’t get the numbers, sorry), so you have an idea of the pigmentation and texture. ETA: Drivel about Frivol has terrific swatches of these lipsticks here and here.

Two stand-out lippies from the range are WH001 and BK099, artist shades that act like lip transformers.

These versatile colours are a must in a makeup arsenal: The white not only gives lips a plumped-up appearance and highlights a pout, it can also act as a lip base for colours to show up more truly. It is able to lighten deeper shades too. Conversely, the black deepens other lip colours and adds definition. I know my favourite way to use the black would be to turn reds and deep pinks into berries!

The semi-matte texture means that they won’t be difficult to use – they aren’t too deep or opaque which might make mixing a tricky task, especially for makeup novices. When I tried to purchase the black recently, I was told it was out of stock, so popular is this shade. Thankfully, the Rouge Unlimited range is permanent, so I can wait!

Another striking Rouge Unlimited lip lovely is WN295.

It might look incredibly dark in the tube but it really is a berry with pink undertones. I’ve already tried mine and found that it’s so long-lasting that it stains the lips after I’ve wiped it off. The even stain works well with a gloss or balm over it, though.

  Here are some of the brand’s choice picks.

In Singapore, Rouge Unlimited is S$39. Happy exploring – may you find the lip colour(s) of your dreams. :)

I leave you with this marvellous makeup wall at the Ion Orchard Shu Uemura boutique. If it were an art piece, I’d title it Love in Colour~! ♥


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