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Miss Dior Parfum Pour Les Cheveux Miss Dior Hair Mist Close Up

A lighter interpretation of the Miss Dior fragrance family, the new Miss Dior Hair Mist unifies this well-loved scent clan with a similar citrus, floral and woody blend.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

According to Dior Singapore, it bears the same notes as Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: Italian mandarin essence, peony and white musk. I’ll admit I was confused at first – an ingredient list floating on the Internet via Fragrantica states that it is composed of bergamot, Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, rose, musk and Indonesian patchouli.

On me, it smells a touch different from the perfume, which exacerbated the confusion. However, upon sniffing both straight from the bottle, they do smell quite similar.

I’m guessing the difference lies in its function: Its softer delivery plays up different accords and my hair seems to retain the sugary notes better than those of the perfume on my skin – I’ve found them to be more pronounced than the floral notes in the original fragrance.

Familiar without being obtrusive, this hair mist pairs beautifully with the other Miss Dior scents, interweaving them with a fresh sweetness.

Miss Dior Parfum Pour Les Cheveux Miss Dior Hair Mist

In a rose-tinged hue just like its scent source, the liquid is ensconced in a slim, rectangular bottle that carries the signature houndstooth embossment. It is missing the sleek silver bow but I believe this exclusion is a practical one – though it dresses down the fragrance flaçon, it enhances its portability and prevents any snagging inside your purse.

I grew into the habit of misting my hair with scent when I had children. This preserves the fragrance on me without directly affecting the little ones, especially when they were nursing. Misting not only encourages a lovely lingering but also a delicate diffusion of scent as my hair moves…leaving a ‘sensual trail’, as Dior puts it.

You could simply spray eau de toilette or perfume into your tresses but in my experience, true hair mists have a lighter composition and are usually formulated with specific protective ingredients (as this one promises to have) for your crowning glory.

Unlike some heavier scents, this mist doesn’t weigh down my hair. Though light, it doesn’t dissipate into nothingness and has a somewhat-enduring scented airiness.

You probably don’t need this frankly-pricey product but it is a luxe olfactory treat, and purse-perfect for touch-ups. In Singapore, Miss Dior Hair Mist (Parfum Pour Cheveux) retails at S$70.


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