Review | L’Oréal HiP Bright Shadow Duo in 224 Showy, Bright Shadow Duo in 318 Flashy and Metallic Shadow Duo in 906 Platinum

Launched together the L’Orèal HIP Eyeliners, these HIP eyeshadow duos (S$19.90) come in different finishes. While they are generally rich in colour, the shimmery and metallic shades are more intense and pigmented than the shades that are more matte in texture. The latter have a tendency to skip upon swatching and have a slightly chalky finish but gentle blending smooths out these problems, thankfully. They also work well over an eyeshadow base.

The good thing about the difference in textures is the makeup play and dimension they afford. In addition, each compact (the size of a big MAC eyeshadow) also contains a sponge-tip applicator hidden in a lower compartment – useful for people who like such tools. :)

I recently received this trio of HIP eyeshadow duos from L’Oréal Singapore. Below are my swatches and descriptions of them.

224 Showy is a teal/blue duo. The shimmery (almost frosty) teal is reminiscent of MAC’s iconic Parrot, while the semi-matte blue has tinges of grey.

318 Flashy is a beige/green duo. The matte flesh-toned beige with micro-shimmer is a good all-over colour to set off accent shades, while the velvet medium green is a wearable hue that complements the beige.

906 Platinum is a silver/black duo. The striking silver is a buttery metallic shade, while the  matte black is infused with silver sparkles.

These shadows are available at selected Watsons stores. The HIP range is permanent in the US but it is currently limited edition, here in Singapore.

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