A Gift! – Organic Surge & Canmake

Some good friends recently gave me a birthday gift bag that contained Canmake Pop’n Jelly Gloss in 04 Milky Pink and two Organic Surge products, Tropical Bergamot Bath Soak and Pure Extracts Refreshing Toner.

I don’t own a single Canmake lip product, so this is my first. I haven’t opened it yet but a look at the shade tells me that it would be lovely with smokey eyes and as an everyday slick of natural colour. A subtle flash of purple iridescence adds interest to the gloss!

The Organic Surge items smell refreshing. The piquancy of Tropical Bergamot is reminiscent of 100% Pure Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel, while the toner has rosemary and lemon extracts. I like the substantial lightness of these products and I look forward to trying more from this brand!

Thank you so much, dear friends! :)


  • Anonymous says:


    Bath Soak can be used as a shower gel, but its moisturising benefits will be slightly reduced. Shower gel contains a higher level of moisturizing ingredients as, in normal use, it is in contact with the skin for less time than bath soak.
    any questions let me know!
    h.p @ os


  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Organic Surge,

    Thanks for dropping by! That information is very useful. I've tried it as a shower gel and it was precisely as you described – not as moisturising. Nonetheless, the scent was pleasant and it did clean relatively well. :)

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