Skin79 Preview Party

I finally uploaded some photos from the Skin79 dinner party that I was invited to a while back and thought I’d share them with you.

Here is Lorraine of StarAsia telling us more about Skin79 BB creams. I was glad to have met her at last, after our correspondence over La Clarée Oliv’. She’s really sweet and well-travelled (she speaks Korean and was the perfect person to tell us more about Skin79).

Here is Damien of StarAsia, with Lorraine in the background. He was genial and soft-spoken, telling us all about how hard the StarAsia team had worked to bring Skin79 to us.

Here is the food we had at Essential Brew, a little café-restaurant located at Holland Village. I liked the tofu appetiser topped with mushrooms – a good combination and very yummy! The chicken cutlet was so gigantamous that I had to share it with everyone at the table, ha ha! Unfortunately, the rice tasted odd because of the sweet tea-flavoured gravy (I think it was made of Earl Grey tea). I wish they hadn’t poured the sauce over the rice; the latter was actually quite all right in texture.

Overall, it was a fun night getting to know the StarAsia people and other beauty bloggers. Among others, I met Iris, Sara, Chantana and Joyce. I’ve linked to their Skin79 posts, so you can read their lovely reviews and accounts of the event.

My face was too white for my liking; I need to use a darker powder over the Scandal Magic BB cream that I had on! :P

We were each given a generous goodie bag containing the Hot Pink and VIP Gold BB creams. I’ll be reviewing them soon!

Everyone also received mini BB creams with hand phone charms bearing our initials – how very thoughtful!

I enjoyed playing with every single product that was on display. Needless to say, our hearts were stolen by the packaging of the Hot Pink BB cream – the shimmery, almost-metallic effect is beautiful, not the mention the sweet hue. The last time I checked, it was sold out at Watsons! ;)

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