Trish McEvoy ‘The Ball’ Sponge Makeup Applicator aka The Peach

Trish McEvoy 'The Ball' Sponge Makeup Applicator

The Emakemeup viners* are an amazing bunch. They keep stumbling upon cool makeup sponges and giving them memorable monikers!

Coined the Peach by one witty viner, this little flesh-toned sphere should make friends with the Pink Egg, the Blue Peep and the Lemon Drop.

According to Trish McEvoy:

Trish’s mistake-proof, revolutionary sponge The Ball (US$16 / £16) is ingeniously shaped to work with the contours of your face and effortlessly stipple and roll foundation into your skin for a seamless application every time.

I can understand the need to caress the contours of the face but I’ve been spoilt by the tapered tip of the Beauty Blender. Methinks it might be a little pointless (hehe) not to have one. And am I wrong to think it looks like a breast short of a nipple? :P

Image source: Nordstrom

* The Emakemeup Grapevine is a beauty forum helmed by Nancy of Musings of a Cosmetic Girl and powered by many kind and wise beauty lovers. Anyone who participates is known as a viner. :)


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