NatureLab Tofu Professional Makeup Sponges

Consistently flying off the shelves since it was launched at Watsons, the NatureLab Tofu sponge series is receiving a lot of attention. According to its distributor, Japalang (they also carry K-Palette, Cure and Gransenbon), a few hundred units are sold weekly (wow!). Not surprisingly, I usually see only a few packs left on the shelves when I come across their displays.

They kindly gave me a set of my own to try, wrapping the packs in a lovely cellophane bag complete with an ‘M for Mag’ sticker. :)

I like the clean and sleek packaging. Each pack is resealable too.

The adhesive is secure, yet the tabs are easy to remove. The Japanese really know their glues (I’m thinking of the Kinokuniya price tags vs the Popular ones – the former are always so easy to take off, unlike the latter)! ;)

In all, there were eight sponges (the rectangular blocks and heart-shaped piece are each made of two sponges). The name is pretty self-explanatory – like tofu (soybean curd), they are white and have a smooth, almost flaxen surface.

The real thing is not quite as glam! :P

The properties of these latex-free sponges remind me of the Beauty Blender sponges. Like the latter, they are less porous than conventional sponges. They also have a good elasticity/bounciness and do not lose their shape easily. Furthermore, they can be used wet or dry and can be washed for repeated use. I think the Daiso sponge detergent will be perfect for them.

Physically, generic wedge sponges are smaller and more porous (foundation-guzzlers, they are). They are softer too and not as firm as the Tofu ones.

The smoothness of the Tofu sponges allows for a more finished appearance. I also like the control that their density affords.

Aren’t they cute? They will make nice additions to my acrylic dome!

Here are the prices of these sponges:

  • TOFU DX (rectangular) – S$15.90
  • TOFU Travel (circular) – S$12.90
  • TOFU Love (heart-shaped) – S$9.90

Image source: Japalang


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