Acrylic Mini Candy Dome For Beauty Accessories

I couldn’t resist this cute little container when I saw it recently. It’s meant for candy but I had other plans for it! Measuring around 31.5 cm in diameter, this clear sphere is available at under S$8 at the household section of most major departmental stores. It also comes in a bigger size and in different colours.

Surprisingly well-made for its price, the semi-spherical cover moves smoothly on its hinges and closes cleanly on the edge of the bottom half. There is no clasp though, so it will flip open easily…great for quick access to the items inside.

It’s a little Pac-Manesque, no? I like that it’s cute yet stylishly simple at the same time.

I intended to put sample sachets in the case but it was too small to contain them all.

In the end, I found that it’s the right size for my sponges. It comfortably fits six, including my Beautyblender sponges, Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge and a few generic wedges. I am so tempted to purchase the bigger dome but I simply don’t have the space for it!


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