Uniqlo Cosmetics Brand Collection Tees

A little jaunt to Uniqlo yesterday made my heart leap – I discovered that the Uniqlo T-shirts (aka UTs) from the Cosmetics Brand collection have finally arrived in Singapore!

When Iris first wrote about them, I was thrilled. Printed with makeup product images and other beauty graphics from five cosmetic brands, this was a collection I was really looking forward to.

Priced at ¥1,500 in Japan, each UT retails at S$24.90 here.


Here is the complete collection. I wasn’t able to see all the designs on the main Uniqlo website but managed to find a few of the rest on the Uniqlo China site. The only photo I couldn’t find was that of the tee with the Maybelline NY lips.

When I was at the Uniqlo store at Ion, I only saw the two Bourjoises, the two Canmakes and the two Lavshucas. If you’d like the other designs, you should visit the 313@Somerset store – this outlet might have them as it tends to carry more stock. ;)

Image sources: Biteki via Rouge Deluxe; Uniqlo Japan and Uniqlo China





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