Pink Party

A while back, a few purple things were lying on my makeup counter top but last weekend, the dominant colour was pink! I’m even less of a pink person than I am a purple but I guess the pink party was inevitable, given the girly beauty packaging that many brands seem to favour.

Pictured are:

  • Skin79 Diamond The Prestige Beblesh Cream – This comfortable BB cream is sheerer than the brand’s popular Hot Pink and VIP Gold BB creams. It’s a good alternative, if you want less coverage or something lighter.
  • Esprique Precious Purely Veil Powder – I haven’t opened it but I look forward to trying this finely-milled powder.
  • A reversible satin scrunchie from an old issue of Maquia magazine – So pretty and girly. I especially appreciate the wide girth of the elastic band.
  • Luv Carat Long Last Face Powder in Natural Beige – I love this powder for its incredibly smooth texture and its compatibility with BB creams. The bling packaging is a bonus!
  • An old BeautyBlender sponge – This is old albeit still useful. I keep forgetting to get new ones…
  • Tina’s Dresser Oil Blotting Paper – A gift from my mother, these blotters sit on my counter top to blot off excess oil/moisture prior to setting makeup.
  • Watsons hair velcro piece – Similar to the original Dariya ones, these knock-offs work as well.


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