Makeup Stash! Christmas 2012 Giveaways

Like the beauty bounty we’ve been blessed with this year, I’d hoped to make this giveaway a memorable one.

And it is – at least for me – for it’s my biggest one yet, thanks to the generosity of the brands involved. :)


This year, stand a chance to win:

Benefit High Flyin’ Glosses

(1 set valued at S$42)

Benefit She’s So…Jetset

(1 set valued at S$58)

Benefit Let There Be Bright

(1 set valued at S$72)

Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways – Sephora Exclusive

(1 set valued at S$54)

Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette in No. 01 Smokey Grey Palette

(1 palette valued at S$85)

Burberry Body Rose Gold Eau de Parfum – Limited Edition

(1 bottle valued at S$170)

Clarins Eau Des Jardins

(3 special edition bottles)

  Dior for Anselm Reyle Vernis in Metallic Silver, Pink Graffiti, Ultra Violet and Untitled Black

(1 bottle of each shade, each valued at S$37)

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream 2012 Limited Edition Skin Protectant (The Original)

(1 jar valued at S$30)

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura Eau de Toilette Spray Naturel

(1 bottle valued at S$62)

Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Love Bite

(2 bottles, each valued at S$26)

Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Fireball

(2 tubes, each valued at S$38)

Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Fragrant Body Spray, Liquid Body Cleanser and Hand & Body Lotion in Orange Flower & Lychee

(1 set valued at S$158)

Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Fragrant Body Spray, Liquid Body Cleanser and Hand & Body Lotion in Vanilla & Cedarwood

(1 set valued at S$158)

KORRES Fig and Guava Collection

(3 sets, each valued at S$45)

Lancôme No. 13 Angled Shadow Brush

(3 pieces, each valued at S$35)

Lancôme Rouge in Love in 163 B Rose St Honoré

(3 tubes, each valued at S$40)

Laura Mercier Lip Lacquer in Laque Rouge, Illuminating Eye Colour in Gilded Moonlight and Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Oil-Free in Blush

(2 sets, each valued at S$140)

NARS Blush in Orgasm

(3 palettes, each valued at S$50)

Penhaligon’s Minature Fragrance Collection for Gents

(1 box valued at $90)

Penhaligon’s Minature Fragrance Collection for Ladies

(1 box valued at S$90)

Philosophy Winter Escape Christmas Set

(2 sets, each valued at $60)

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

(3 tubes, each valued at S$43)

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Mon Shu Painting Liner

(2 pots, each valued at S$36)

Karl Lagerfeld Shu Uemura Mon Shu Nail Varnish and Stickers

(3 sets, each valued at S$28)


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Forever Youth Liberator Serum

(1 bottle valued at S$149)

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Pure Chromatics Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette

(1 palette valued at S$88)

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2. Leave your profile name for verification purposes. (It will not be visible; I will edit your comment to remove it.)

3. We are all gifts to other people – tell me how you are a gift to someone or how someone is a gift to you!

4. Leave a valid email address in the email field.

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  • This contest is open to Singapore residents only.
  • This contest will close on 17 December 2012 at midnight.
  • Shade variations are at the discretion of the brands.
  • Winners will be randomly drawn.
  • Winners will be notified via email.
  • If there is no acknowledgement within 24 hours, another winner will be picked.



And the winners are:

  1. Angela Jess
  2. H. Shar
  3. SH
  4. Kitty Charmy
  5. Ming Shu
  6. Audrey Yuen-Gan
  7. Jenine
  8. Charlie Cheah
  9. Fatin Rossida Preya Kaur
  10. Michelle Ng
  11. Sarah Chew Eliza
  12. Jaslynn
  13. Emily Lam
  14. Nithya
  15. Jo
  16. Tarandip
  17. Susan T
  18. Joanna
  19. Mandy
  20. Kelly Teo
  21. Teo Hock Koon
  22. Keith Tan
  23. Sarah Meryl @ memoiselle
  24. Audrey
  25. Mabel
  26. Yan Weoseek
  27. Preya Kaur Betsy
  28. Wickermoss
  29. Sharon
  30. Sita Anico
  31. Joy
  32. Paula
  33. Bong
  34. Nurul Huda Bernice Sum Pei Yi
  35. Nicol Chan
  36. Teo Kai Sin
  37. Vivien Ng
  38. Louise Lee
  39. Ashlyne
  40. Adeline Tan
  41. Taylor Tan Yvonne
  42. Nini Lim Mei-An
  43. Rusty
  44. Jacelyn
  45. Bernice Sum Pei Yi Charlene
  46. Jasmine Sochii
  47. Vidhi
  48. Melissa Wan
  49. Adeline Jo


A gentle reminder: Please reply to my congratulatory email within 24 hours. If I do not hear from you, I’ll have to pick another winner. Thank you! :)


  • Raeburn Gerard Arnold says:

    : We are all gifts to other people – tell me how you are a gift to someone or how someone is a gift to you!

    My best friend Jaieden is a gift to me. He is always there for me when time are rough, without fail there as my pillar when i am down. He was there in times of laughter and happiness. He supported me when no one believed in me and shared his world and opened a whole new world to me. Someone who shares my worries, my dreams and ideas. He is a true gift to me as he is closer to me then a brother could ever be, more loving then anyone i know my guardian Angel. He will always be a gift to me and i will always treasure him. :)

  • Audrey says:

    My greatest gift is my dearest grandmother who has taken care of me since young and has always done her utmost to provide for me and give me a proper life. Now it’s my turn to give her the best care I can when she isn’t well.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Josephine says:

    My family is my gift to me. They always have been since I was born. They are the only ones that I can be that brat and get away with it, knowing for sure that they will still love me the same every minute. Especially my mum who is always there for me, even if I make the worst mistakes she will still support me through silently without having to blame me. I’m so grateful to have eacha nd everyone of them as my family. I’m blessed.

    Thuis is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for giving! Merry Christmas!

  • Vincent Lee says:

    The best gift to be would be my future wife. I am the best gift to my future wife because i make her smile

  • Natalie Yeo says:

    If I’m a gift to someone, I want to be a gift to everyone around me! We pass through and meet so many people in our lives, but meeting each one at that specific moment in their lives is different from meeting them at another moment in their lives (even if you see each other everyday!) so I always want to appreciate people every single time I see them. This is much harder than it sounds, especially when I’m in a bad mood/it’s a bad day, so I’m experimenting changing my mood and the way I treat others.

  • Nancy Goh says:

    This someone walked into my path at the right time of my life. I lost everything in my life and he just appeared, and be friend with me at my most worst stage…
    A gift from heaven to have a friend to lend me his listening ears,,,

  • Florence Wong says:

    My best gift is my mum, and I dont know what I would do without her. There’s always hot meals waiting for me when I work late. I am really spoiled at home but she is always there for me even when I am being unreasonable and throws tantrums.

  • teo kai sin says:

    Without a shadow of a doubt, my father is the single greatest gift in my life. He was more than just my father. He was my my mentor, my bulwark, and I’m proud to say, my friend. He was warm, loving, firm and straightforward. He had a way of accepting whatever came his way with no more than a shrug. His deep faith carried him through what life had to offer.He always had something to do and it was always done well.

  • Jiayun says:

    My parents are my greatest gift to me. They’ve always supported me in anything and everything that I do. I’m really grateful for them as they brought me up to what I am today.

    Have a great Christmas everybody! :)

  • I am a gift to my husband because I am his princess and without me I wouldn’t have my greatest gift which is having, my charming, pretty and adorable childrens. I am surrounded by the greatest gift I can ever imagine.

    PS: Another awesome gift to me is to have this Makeup Stash! Christmas 2012 Giveaways! And I can say that my year end post would likely be one Happy New Year!

  • Aminah Mohd says:

    As a daughter, sister, friend, colleague or a completely nice stranger, I’m a gift to everyone. Always lending a helping hand, shoulder to cry on, someone who will listen or simply flashing a smile, I’m a walking Christmas gift. :)

  • Uyus Lee says:

    I have always regarded my dog, Baby Won as part of my family. She is a miniature Schnauzer and had passed away last year on April Fool’s Day. My heart cringed whenever I remembered how she had endured her illness to make it through my Birthday, my last Birthday with her. She was admitted to hospital on my Birthday and passed away a few days later. She is such a special gift to me and I thank her for being such a lovely angel to me. May God bless her in doggy heaven!

  • Tingyue says:

    My better half is the best gift to me. I’ve been thru several up and downs this year, in career and health. He has always stands by my side and support me whatever happened. I’m so grateful that I have someone to help me go through this tough year!

  • Annabelle Ng says:

    I will like to think that I am a gift to all the people that I’ve crossed path with. Especially my family of course, without them I will not be who I am today. I will like thank all those people whom took the time to mentor me & not forgetting those who taught me those important life lessons. Without them I will not be as strong as I am today and I will not learn who are those precious people that will stick by you through thick and thin.

    I know that YSL is well known for their make up, but I will like to give their skincare a go as well.

  • Brenda says:

    I starting experimenting with makeup at 17. Used to apply super thick makeup & didn’t cleanse well after. Ended up with acne problems. My woes didn’t end until I discovered Laura Mercier in 2010. Made a total switch. my skin is now clear & I’m able to achieve flawless makeup without using too much on my face. I’m thankful to have discovered LM, especially it’s mineral/oil free range. Hope I’m not sounding too effusive here but honestly, if you saw my skin condition back then, you’d know when I’m such a LM fan.

  • koh peng jek says:

    My SUPERMAN Dad is the greatest gift in the world in my heart, He is the person I admire most, because my father is the pillar of the family, is the mainstay of the family. My father with his white hair, his deep wrinkles, they are a refraction of selfless giving. Forever grateful to him and my mother who brought us to the world.

  • Vivien Ng says:

    My mom is the greatest gift I have ever received. She stands by me whenever I am down, she encourages me when I’m weak and she pushes me to pursue what I believe in.
    Now I need to try my best to become her greatest gift :)

  • Anne Neo says:

    my gift from God is my husband. He accepts me for who I am, including my right hand with birth defect. He gently reminds me of my character flaws and we improve each other as a couple together :)

  • Puvana_s says:

    I woke up to this beautiful text :)


    When I first saw you I was gifted with the sight of beauty. When we first spoke it was a gift of sonorous melody. When we first kissed it was a gift of being in love. When you first cried in my arms it was a gift to be able to take care of you as my little one. When we first fought it was the gift of knowing how much I missed you. When you PMS it’s a gift of knowing how awesome it is to be a man instead. Baby, god has given me so many gifts but the greatest of all being you. You have grown this little boy into a bigger man and I can’t thank you enough for all the gifts you have given me.


  • Jessica says:

    My nephews, I and J, are the greatest gifts to me, for they taught me to love at a deeper level than I ever thought possible :)

  • Betsy says:

    My greatest gift ever is the partner of my life. He picked me up when I lost everything, when I was nothing, when I almost could not make it to becoming something again. Having been through the worst one can imagine in any relationship, he is a true God-send. :) *as WE already know :)

  • Preya Kaur says:

    Hi Make up stash! My mother is the biggest gift in my life. When I was 3, my dad used to physically abuse her and had many affairs , even a second marriage. After 5 years, my mother mustered the courage to give him a divorce and since then she has been single handedly raising me. She is such an amazing woman. She has never made me feel like I have only one parent. She makes me feel like I am special. She has dedicated so much of her life to me to an extent that she has neglected herself. I would just love to win this lucky draw so that I can gift her these products for christmas. She would be so overwhelmed with joy. She has always been a gift to me, this christmas, I would love to be a gift to her. Thank you for giving me the slightest bit of hope that I’d be able to make her christmas special this year. (:

  • Hui Yi says:

    Dear Mag, Seasons Greetings to you! Well, I believe that we are all a gift to everyone in this world. Be it our parents, our friends, our colleagues or anyone whom we have come in contact with, I believe that we are a gift to them. So are they, a great gift to us. And so are you. Without you, we wouldn’t be having the greatest gift for Christmas. A giveaway to everyone who supports you! But of course, there must be people whom we should always be thankful for. They are a gift to us. Our parents, friends and all our loved ones. Christmas may be a celebration for Christians but it’s also a celebration to people who are one of the world’s greatest gift to us. So this Christmas, be thankful for what we have, what we get and most importantly, treasure the holiday and the amazing gift of life, family and happiness. Because, not everyone gets to enjoy Christmas on the 25 Dec. Merry Christmas to you Mag! Many happy wishes to you and your family! Happy Holidays!! :)

  • Susan T says:

    I was very lucky to have been able to give the gift of life to my brother when he needed a bone marrow transplant 8 years ago. It is very hard to find a perfect match and we were blessed that I was one.

  • Hey Mag! Stumbled upon this on the last day of your giveaway haha! Thank you for having such awesome giveaway!

    Anyway, I have someone who is a gift to me. She is my junior high school bestfriend, named Bella. We’ve been friends for 8 years plus. Even though we seldom meet in the past 5 years, but she has been a great friend and to see her grow up and being this great, I’m just glad to have her as my bestfriend. We used to quarrel few times back in junior high school but we managed to patch up and solve our selfishness. I’m glad she never gives up our friendship. She has grown into this super kind and mature friend I’ve ever had. She’ll occasionally talk with me in such a positive and sweet manner that makes me learn a lot. Such simple gestures can really make people happy. If I have problems, I’ll share with her and she’ll always give me such a good encouragement and a pair of listening ears. I’m just grateful to have her as my bestfriend, somemore we’re being apart so far. Even typing this out makes me cry because I’m just super thankful for her kindness and positivity and great advices.

  • Dave Lim says:

    my super mom is the best gift to me because she cook a nice food everyday

  • Hong Jingting says:

    My family is definitely a gift to me, they are those who will always be there for me.

  • Vix says:

    My kids are my special gifts. They shower me with smiles and hugs and sloppy kisses. They still believe in magic – a kiss makes everything better, Santa Claus is real. They remind me of the innocence that is childhood.

  • Joy says:

    My mum is the greatest gift to me. She is such a miracle worker and has a never say die attitude. Whenever I look at how strong willed she is, building me the family after the divorce, I am constantly reminded to value myself and love life such that she gets to enjoy life too. I want to make her proud knowing that I grow up pretty, strong fighter and will have beautiful kids in the future too.

  • June Chai says:

    Hi Mag,

    Very attractive giveaway! Hoping to win something! My gifts are my family and very good friends that are always supporting me and with me!! Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas! Cheers! June

  • Joanna says:

    The best gift of the year comes from the support from my parent..because they are my pillar of support when i am down. Especially when the burden of graduating is really tense, they are there to encourage me and always try to “distract” me from study so that i would enjoy and appreciate my time as a student. I may be a spoilt brat in some “ahem” days.. But they alway say I am their sweet burden that they enjoy.. :)

  • Ziwei says:

    my boyfriend is definitely the greatest gift that anyone can ever have! we’re so in sync that i think he can totally read every thoughts and emotions of mine! feel ultra blessed to have him with me through all the ups and downs in life! <3

  • Pearlene says:

    I am the greatest gift to my boyfriend. He always tells me that he is lucky to have me.. Been together for 2 years 8 months (this coming christmas eve), and I have been there for him whenever he needs me. I’m his listening ear, shoulder and companion. There had been tough times that we faced together and individually, but we are always there for each other. It is my job as his partner to support, love, care, help, trust, guide (you get the gist), him whenever he needs.
    And most of all, our greatest gifts are our families who have been there for us all our lives and never once given up on us. Not forgetting our greatest God.

    Thanks and I hope I’d win! (:

  • Wenxi says:

    My grandmother will forever be the best gift to me. She is the best grandmother one can ever ask for. She was the majority of my childhood and I was raised by her. She dotes on all her grandchildren the same and is never bias. She never chides me and always spoils me. I know with her around I would not be afraid of the world. She always asks me if I love her which I think is really cute and I always tell her I do. My grandmother is definitely the best give to me and I will always feel proud to be her grandchild. Even though she has already left us to another world, she will always be the best gift to me still as she has taught me a lot and I am so blessed and thankful that I have a grandmother like her. She will always be my #1.

  • Karen says:

    My boyfriend Eugene is the greatest gift to me! He’s always looking out for me and being my emotional support especially when I’m down or sick. He believes in me and brings out the best in me! I’m really thankful God brought us together!

    Blessed Christmas everyone! Christmas is a great time to count our blessings!

  • Juann says:

    My boyfriend, Peter, is a gift to me. :) Before him, I had a loser whom I was with for 7 years and then he cheated on me. And then Peter came along and mended my broken heart and almost non-existent faith in love. He has done so much for me and is accomodating in so many ways. He has also gone beyond as a boyfriend to bond with and treat my family right. By being everything he is, he makes me a better person. And that’s what counts. :)

  • carrot says:

    I am a gift to my husband because I love him dearly. My parents are a gift to me. They have done their best as parents to bring me up to who I am now. Really happy to be their daughter.

  • Erin Pang says:

    Everyone is a gift to me and I’d wish that I’m a gift to them as well. One person in particular is my mom, who always support me in whatever decision I make and think of me in my best interests. I have her to thank for who I am today. :’)

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  • Hannah says:

    My mum is a gift to me for being the most patient woman I know as a daughter, in-law, wife and mother. She’s not in the best of health or financial situation but she tries her best to give us, her children, the best.

  • lijun says:

    Hi, my greatest gift is my hubby! The one that never fail to make me smile, the one who’s always by my side and whom I know I can always count on. The one that loves me even more than I love myself! *giggles* Thanks for the giveaway! ♥

  • Paula says:

    I think the one person who is a gift to me to me is my colleague at work,Y. This year I started working full-time after graduating and she’s the closest person to me at work and we can really talk about everything under the sun. She has guided me alot these past few months on the job and has been really patient with me so thank God for gifting her to me in 2012.

    Wishing you a Merry X’mas Mag and thank you for the giveaway :)

  • Valerie C. says:

    My son is a gift to me. He is the sweetest most wonderful child :)

  • April says:

    Hi mag thanks for having this giveaway yet again ;)
    I’m forever grateful to my parents; my dad who has been the sole breadwinner since I was in pri school n my mom who has been the perfect home maker who made sure my brother n I had proper upbringing in every aspect of our lives.

  • Michelle says:

    I try to be a gift to friends and family by infecting them with my optimism. Brighten their days when they are feeling down/low. Lending them a listening ear and supporting them in things they believe in.

  • Sarah Chew says:

    My family is the greatest gift to me as they have been there for me whenever I need them! They also provide me with a lot of strength and support in everything I do! :-)

  • Deebz says:

    Hi there!

    The special someone that I truly appreciate having in my life is my fiance.

    We have been together for 5 years now and he was there for me and was my moral support during my tough times; the demise of my mother in 2008, demise of my brother in 2010 and when my dad suffered a severe stroke in the same year. My dad has not fully recovered and he is partially paralyzed on his right side.

    I am getting all teary eyed writing this out because it brings back painful memories that I have been trying hard to forget, but looking back, I am really thankful God introduced me to him before all of it happened because I truly do not how I would survive without him by my side throughout every step of the way.

    Thank you Mag for the wonderful giveaway, I will be sharing it via Instagram.

  • loochin says:

    My baby Elly n hubby are the greatest gift to me. And of course, the baby #2 inside me now are another gift to me. For this christmas, is all about loving, and sharing. They teach me the importance of being patience, love and care, and not forgeting our own love ones. May this christmas and the upcoming new year 2013 be a good year to everyone of us !

  • Fenny says:

    Hi! Merry Christmas Mag!

    The greatest gift in my life is to have been borne into a perfect family. We complement each other, filling up each other’s lacking. When ever we are in need, we have a shoulder to lie on. I believe we should all be thankful as we are given a life by our parents. We are all each other’s gifts as well!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Zerine says:

    The prettiest gift I ever received is my family. My parents always showing their unconditional love and my love-hate relationship with my siblings. We always bicker alot, but we all know that whatever happens, each of them will be my strongest shield from the rain and storms. My siblings are my confidantes too, they know everything that happens in my life and vice versa. It took us a long while to becomes like this because we always have to rough it out and learn how to compromise. But, I’m glad I have my family with me for the past 21 years and the next 60years. They will always be my strongest shelter because they will be there no matter what happens! :)

  • Koreen Hong says:

    My hubby is the greatest gift to me, I’m always so clumsy and forgetful, he is always there to stand by me, taking care of me and my 3 lovely devils! He is the main sole breader in my family, regardless of money, patience, teaching and love cos i really cant compare to him as i have short temper. We had gone through so much ups and downs in our life, hope we can a better more enjoyable life next year, life is very unprediable! You may not live to see tomorrow, enjoy ourselves as we can!

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